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7 Tips: How to Design a Kitchen That’s Easy to Clean

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Buy Easy-Clean Appliances

Choose a range that’s fuss-free and easy to wipe down without needing any exotic lotions or solutions. Have a good look at details, such as the knobs on your oven, to make sure there are no hard-to-get-at nooks. Induction cooktops save you from having to clean the grates and other parts found on gas cooktops. Choose appliances with self-cleaning programs included, like ovens with pyrolytic cleaning functions (which heat the oven to high temperatures to burn off residue), steam ovens with automatic steam cleaning and drying programs, and coffee machines with automatic cleaning.

Choose an induction cooktop, as it’s flat, easy and safe to clean.

Pick a Simple Backsplash

Tile is a popular choice for a kitchen backsplash, but if you don’t want to spend time scrubbing grout to keep it sparkling clean, there are other options. If you’re set on tile, pick a large-format style to tminimize the amount of grout you have to clean. If you choose a glass backsplash, you won’t have to deal with grout at all.

Favor Flat-Front Cabinets

Selecting smooth furniture fronts prevents cooking residue forming on decorative grooves and ridges. Watch out for cutout pulls, though, since they can harbor crumbs.

Choose Your Countertop Material Wisely

Select materials such as Corian, quartz, steel or sintered stone [mineral and stone particles bound together with heat and pressure], which are nonporous, prevent stains and are easy to wipe clean.

Solid-surface [countertops], such as Corian, are probably the most hygienic. They have a seamless finish and therefore don’t have grooves to trap dirt. This is why you see them used in hospitals and fast-food chains.

Use Durable Paint

If you have painted walls in your kitchen, you’ll need to wipe them down more often than the walls in other rooms. Choosing a hardwearing paint finish will make this job easier. Use an eggshell finish, as you can easily wipe this clean without damaging the paint.

Avoid Open Shelves

Open shelves may look attractive when beautifully styled, but they can be a high-maintenance cleaning option if you have to move dishes, books and decorative objects just to run a duster over the surface. For a fuss-free kitchen design, we recommend avoiding open shelves that gather dust and grime and springing for wall cabinets instead.

Use Drawer & Shelf Liners

Drawers can be a bit of a minefield to keep tidy, with crumbs and dust sifting down to settle at the bottom. To keep on top of this, line drawers and shelves with wipeable liner material, cut to size, to prolong the life of your units. We suggest choosing a melamine finish on the inside of cabinets, as it doesn’t absorb spillages like oak or walnut would.

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