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Interior Design for Residential & Commercial Spaces

Designer Gwen Canfield has been providing creative services to homes and businesses in the greater Nashville area since 2008. Whether your style is traditional, modern, minimal, or luxurious, we have the expertise and products to suit your unique style and meet the needs of your design project.

Don’t know what to do? We will create a solution to nearly any design dilemma!

Gwen Canfield | Nashville-Area Interior Designer | 615interiors

"I love helping people enhance their quality of life through design. Improving the living spaces of my clients is so rewarding. Not only because it's where they spend so much of their time, but because it reflects their style, their personality, and makes them proud to share it with the most important people in their lives — friends, family, co-workers and customers." 

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Your   Space

Our Unique Design Approach

Designer Gwen Canfield's unique approach guides you through the entire process! Our approach eliminates guesswork, helps you visualize the space, and feel confident in every design decision. Depending on which design package you select, you may also receive a personal shopping list with hand-picked selections from hundreds of brands. If you need further assistance, we’re happy to offer additional levels of service to help you complete your space.

Floor Plan & Mood Board

Wooden Boxes

Product Sourcing & Itemized Proposal

Contractor Communications

Installation & Finishing


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Our Quality Promise

At 615interiors, we use a thoughtful approach to design to create beautiful, timeless and functional spaces for each of our clients. We take pride in our ability to develop unique solutions that are tailored to their individual needs and desires. We work closely with clients to provide the best possible outcome that reflects their style and personality.

During our unique process, you'll be helped to visualize every design decision. This process ensures that you'll know exactly what you're getting before any changes are implemented. No more guesswork!

Modern Interior Design


Create your dream space.
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