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Hot Paint Colors of 2024 As Predicted by Sherwin Williams

Forbes published this article about Sherwin-Williams recent forecast for the trending paint colors in 2024. Enjoy! -GC

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2024 paint color trends

On Wednesday, August 9, 2023, Sherwin-Williams unveiled its 2024 Colormix® Forecast. The collection is broken up into four main color palettes: blues and greens, reds and purples, deeps and darks and delicate tints, with each palette comprising 12 different colors.

This year’s Colormix® forecast is made up of 48 colors that fit in one of four curated palettes:

  • Palette No.1: The convergence of blues and greens

  • Palette No.2: The poetry of reds and purples

  • Palette No.3: A gathering of deeps and darks

  • Palette No.4: A study in delicate tints

These four palettes are each made up of 12 carefully curated colors, ranging from deep navy blues to bold bubblegum pinks, so no matter your interior design taste, you’re sure to love something from this collection.

Let’s dive right into the palettes and explore how best to utilize each throughout your home!

Palette No. 1: The Convergence of Blues and Greens

blue room
Sherwin Williams

Whether your style leans towards a subtle and understated palette or a vibrant and bold one, the wide range of blues and greens in palette No. 1 are sure to leave your space feeling calming-yet-invigorating. If you’re looking to give your bedroom a revamp, try choosing one of these from this palette:

  • Jacaranda SW 6802

  • Georgian Bay SW 6509

  • Indigo SW 6531

  • Upward SW 6239

  • Stardew SW 9138

  • Smoky Azurite SW 9148

  • Honeydew SW 6428

  • Evergreen Fog SW 9130

  • Pewter Green SW 6208

  • Aquastone SW 9043

  • Leapfrog SW 6431

  • Billiard Green SW 0016

Blues and greens, especially lighter ones, are traditionally successful in respite rooms like bedrooms. There is a natural association with calmness, resting, coming back to earth and recharging that is perfectly represented by this palette.

Palette No. 2: The Poetry of Reds and Purples

red room
Sherwin Williams

If you’re drawn to hues that lean, bold and rich, or muted and earthy, or are trying to create a space that feels overall warm, palette No. 2 may suit your needs. The 12 colors that make up palette No. 2 are:

  • Habanero Chile SW 7589

  • Ravishing Coral SW 6612

  • Soft Apricot SW 6352

  • Fireweed SW 6328

  • Dragon Fruit SW 6855

  • Sashay Sand SW 6501

  • Wild Currant SW 7583

  • Rhapsody Lilac SW 6828

  • Redend Point SW 9081

  • Verri Berri SW 9069

  • Intuitive SW 6017

  • Chinchilla SW 6011

Reds have a lot of energy, so we recommend using these colors in spaces where people gather together, like a dining room.

Palette No. 3: A Gathering of Deeps and Darks

dark gray room
Sherwin Williams

If you’re looking to create an environment that feels tranquil yet impactful, look no further than the hues from palette No. 3. This deep and dark palette can introduce powerful contrast, play beautifully with colored light or gilded metallic accents, and make an impact in a variety of finishes and applications.

If you’re looking to craft the perfect environment for rest and relaxation, try choosing one of the following colors from palette No. 3:

  • Half-Caff SW 9091

  • Antiquarian Brown SW 004-5

  • Mossy Gold SW 6139

  • Sealskin SW 7675

  • Roycroft Bronze Green SW 2846

  • Palm Leaf SW 7735

  • Carnelian SW 7580

  • Gale Force SW 7605

  • Rock Bottom SW 7062

  • Raisin SW 7630

  • Tricorn Black SW 6258

  • Peppercorn SW 7674

Dark and deep colors are great in TV rooms because they create a ‘theater-like’ environment.

Palette No. 4: A Study in Delicate Tints

white room
Sherwin Williams

The airy and barely-there colors in this palette are perfect for those who classify their design style as “neutral.” While the hues are subtle, you can still feel the impact of these colors on the space.

“The airy tints and soft whites with warm and cool undertones of this palette lend serene sophistication to spaces that invite deep thought and elevated style with the gentlest hint of color—or none at all,” Wadden tells Forbes Home. If you’re looking to create a space that exudes “mindfulness,” Wadden says to try one of these colors:

  • Snowbound SW 7004

  • Drift of Mist SW 9166

  • Light French Gray SW 0055

  • Heron Plume SW6070

  • Modern Gray SW 7632

  • Sand Dollar SW 6099

  • Egret White SW 7570

  • Skyline Steel SW 1015

  • Jogging Path SW 7638

  • Fleur de Sel SW 7666

  • Silver Strand SW 7057

  • Silvermist SW 762

Love the neutral look of these colors but aren’t sure where they’d best fit into your home? They’re perfect for the kitchen: Delicate tints are always a go-to in kitchens because they offer a hygienic and serene look in a busy space. The neutrals and brights in this palette also pair beautifully with wood tones commonly found in kitchens.

Bottom Line

No matter the design style or emotion you’re hoping to evoke throughout your home, the 48 colors featured in Sherwin-Williams’ 2024 Colormix® Forecast can help make your home look and feel better than ever.

Need help choosing colors for your home or office?

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