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Avoid These Common Pitfalls of Renovation

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Help ensure a beautiful, successful remodel by avoiding these five common mistakes.

construction blueprints

Starting without a plan

The most regrettable renovations are invariably the ones that don't have a plan. Without one, all sorts of things can go awry, and most homeowners find out too late — a vanity that’s too big for your bathroom, a fridge door that hits into the dishwasher, a bed that won’t fit up the stairs. Planning is paramount to success.

Straying from the designs

Investing in the wrong places

Don’t skimp on the fundamental elements of your home — the foundation, structure, insulation, etc. In fact, you might be dealing with this because the last owner didn't. If you need to cut costs, do so on things that are fairly easy to upgrade later, such as appliances and finishes. Having shoddy plumbing is worse than waiting on a luxury backsplash.

Underestimating costs

Those who don’t budget properly can run out of money and be left with an unfinished project. Be meticulous about crafting your budget, and always include a 10% to 20% buffer for unexpected costs — you can bet there will be a few.

Holding back

Do as much as possible during your first remodel to avoid expensive rework, renovation regret, and future higher prices. If you’re gutting your kitchen now, it’ll cost much less to install that island you really want versus waiting to do it in 10 years when it becomes its own project — plus you’ll get to enjoy it longer.

An excellent resource is's "Beginner's Guide to Home Remodeling", check it out here »

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