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7 Popular Home & Office Design Trends Happening Now

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

This article is excellent! See the top styles, materials, colors and features professionals and homeowners are asking for.


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1. Warm Neutrals

By far the most talked-about trend happening now is a move away from cool grays and stark whites to warmer neutrals like beiges, creamy off-whites and rich browns.

“In the last few years, since people have been spending a lot more time at home, it’s become really important to feel good in your space,”designer Nicole Peter says. “As a result of that, I think that the color trends have really shifted quickly away from the austere grays and whites that we were seeing to much softer mushrooms, taupes and warm whites. Even in a very traditional or formal space, people are wanting to feel a level of coziness and comfort.”

“We’re seeing shades of earth tones that include browns, greens, reds, yellows, oranges and blues, as well as neutrals like beige, white, grays and shades of black — even mixing these hues for a bold impact,” designer Veronica Sanders says.

2. Jewel Tones

While warm neutrals are popular, some designers say they’re hearing a lot of requests for bold, saturated jewel tones.

“We are designing with deep, rich saturated jewel tones right now,” says designer Micaela Quinton, "And a color trend we’re also loving and seeing more of is plum and raisin.”

3. Timeless Style

But not all homeowners are gravitating toward bold color. Many are requesting more traditional details and materials that create a timeless style. A phrase that came up repeatedly in conversations with design pros about this trending style was “quiet luxury.”

“Design in general is leaning back to more traditional and transitional design, quiet luxury and understated elegance,” one designer says.

“Old is new again,” designer Alex Thies says. “We are seeing a lot of even our most modern clients incorporate ‘old’ elements such as brick, handmade clay tiles, rustic wood elements and arches everywhere. It’s a new eclectic ‘earthy modern’ vibe that we are here for.”

Some designers say the trend is a result of many homeowners looking to stay in their homes well into their retirement years and wanting materials and features they won’t grow tired of. “Our clientele is exclusive ‘forever home’ homeowners, which means that our work is intended to last for a long time,” designer Patricia Calasich says. “I’m cautious about trends because they may be dated a few years from now. Instead we focus on design elements that are timeless and functional.”

4. Handmade Features

Of a piece with the trend toward timeless style is an embrace of handmade features and details. Pros say this includes handmade tiles, custom bathroom vanities and other bespoke elements. “We are gravitating toward materials with handcrafted and organic qualities, such as plaster work, caning and wallcoverings with a hand-painted or watercolor feel,” Quinton says. “We are incorporating chiseled, tumbled, zellige and hand-cut tiles into almost every design.”

5. Butler’s Pantries

If there’s one trend that has catapulted into the mainstream lately it’s the rise of the butler’s pantry, or scullery. These secondary kitchen spaces help minimize visual and physical clutter in the main kitchen by creating space for pantry items, small appliances and extra countertops. "Since open concept floor plans have become the norm for kitchens and living spaces," says designer Gwen Canfield of 615interiors, "butler's pantries have also increased in popularity because people want a place to hide the mess of food preparation."

6. Wood Cabinets, Flooring and Details

While always classic, wood cabinets and other details tend to ebb and flow in popularity. Right now the material is booming. “We’ve had a lot of interest in natural and stained wood cabinetry lately — walnut, quartersawn oak and rift-sawn oak,” designer Julie Deuble says. “Also wood accents in painted kitchens. It’s a nice change from the endless white painted kitchens.”

7. Sustainability

Some home designers are seeing increased interest in sustainable upgrades. “Insulation, solar, battery backups, car-charging equipment, heat pumps, natural ventilation and air filtering, gray water systems and on and on,” architect Lincoln Lighthill says. “There’s a revolution in how we build new homes and upgrade existing ones that is adding comfort, convenience and cost savings, all while contributing to the health of our environment and the planet.”

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