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10 Ways to Make Your Home Feel More Joyful

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

This article from Houzz is excellent! Enjoy!


A home bursting with joy is something you can feel the instant you walk in the door. But what is it that makes a home joyful? Certainly the mood we bring with us has a bearing on our experience of home, but the spaces we inhabit also have the power to influence us. If you want to feel more joyful at home, these 10 thoughtful touches may help pave your path to joy. Bold color, fresh flowers and happy puppies straight ahead.

1. Add a Big, Bold Splash of Color

Rich, saturated hues can have a big effect on our mood, from calming blue to heart-thumping red. If joy is what you’re after, you might want to consider a shade of orange — this hue is associated with joy, happiness and social engagement.

2. Get in a Vacation State of Mind

Channel that easy, breezy summer vacation vibe with a piece of furniture, decor or even a color that reminds you of your favorite travel destination. A hammock (strung up indoors or out), ocean-blue paint or artwork featuring a scene you love make great visual reminders of a beach getaway.

3. Be a Kid Again

What did you love to do when you were a kid? Whether it was building with Lego, playing pinball or making dollhouse furniture, there’s no reason you can’t pick up where you left off just because you’re all grown up. Or perhaps you’ve picked up a new fun pastime along the way that deserves a bit more space. Embrace your playful spirit with a pool table in the garage, turntables in the dining room or a backyard disc golf course.

4. Invite Pets Into Your Life

Pets aren’t for everyone. There’s no doubt that they take commitment, care and responsibility, not to mention a certain tolerance for fur-covered surfaces and other cleanup duties. But the rewards of pet ownership are also great: When you have a pet, you have a loyal, devoted friend for life. And they will always be happy you’re home.

If you’re ready to bring home your new companion, consider turning to local animal rescue organizations first — there are many wonderful pets out there just waiting for good homes.

5. Get Quirky

There used to be a cafe I loved with a large outdoor area, and every nook and cranny was filled with funky planters made from bathtubs, sinks and even toilets, all spilling over with blooms. The unusual gardening choices made visitors smile and always proved to be a good conversation starter.

Even if you don’t want to plant flowers in a bathtub, there’s something to be said for including something totally quirky somewhere in your home — it could be garden art, a grouping of family mementos in a shadow box or a found object that you couldn’t resist picking up and bringing home. These interesting details get people talking and make your home really feel like you.

6. Make Space for Your Passion Projects

Whether you are working on a book, trying to practice the piano more regularly, sewing a quilt or doing something else, giving your side project a dedicated space is bound to increase your joy. And if the tools you need to practice or create are within sight, you’re more likely to spend time using them. No spare room? Even clearing away one corner to dedicate to your creative practice can be enough, so don’t let a lack of space stop you.

7. Rethink Your Rooms

Often when we move into a house, we automatically start using the rooms in the same way the previous inhabitants did — not because it’s necessarily what works best for us, but because we may not realize we have another option. So if you’re short on space for a passion project (see No. 6), consider whether there might be a room you could repurpose. For example, you could turn a little-used formal dining room into a library or craft room, or clean out the garage to make space for a home music studio.

Even if you’re not looking for space to use for your hobby, swapping rooms can be a fun way to shake things up at home. Swap your living room and dining room so you can dine by the fire, or switch the breakfast table for a comfy reading chair where you can sip your coffee while the morning sunlight streams in.

8. Lighten the Mood

Sometimes it’s the little things that can really lift our mood. The sign shown here is actually a creative art piece — but imagine how fun it would be to rig up something similar around your real doorbell! Show off your sense of humor by hanging up a funny sign, installing a fairy door on a tree or baseboard, or choosing a unique door knocker.

9. Indulge in Outdoor Dining

Something about eating outdoors makes any meal feel celebratory. And it doesn’t need to be grilled oysters and chilled wine — simply carrying your usual dinner plate outdoors can do the trick too. Whether you have a sprawling backyard or a petite patio, include a table and chairs so you can enjoy meals alfresco.

10. Fill Your Rooms with Plants & Flowers

Colorful cut flowers and lush green plants add an extra element to a space that can’t help but make us feel good. Pick up flowers whenever you spot a good deal and then divvy up the arrangement into smaller vessels to scatter throughout the house. Teapots, recycled bottles, jam jars — anything goes when it comes to floral arranging as long as it brings you joy.

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